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H2O Systems Inc. is a Canadian company based in Toronto with distributors across 5 continents. In 2010 H2O System changed the landscape of the aquarium hobby by introducing the Waveline DC pump and received many accolades from the reefing community. To this day H2O Systems continues to design and manufacture new pump design and setting new standards.
Our core development team is composed of many engineers and Aquarists. With a combine experience of over 30 years in the pump industry, H2O Systems can offer OEM or ODM services that can assure quality and innovation.
Products Line: - RLSS: reef keeping equipments, including protein skimmers, calcium reactors and media reactors and professional reef tank accessories etc. - Waveline: DC power various flow rate water pump, for marine, reef, freswater, pond...

Waveline - RLSS

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