How long is the warranty for RLSS and Waveline products?
RLSS and Waveline have a 1 year warranty period for manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. For warranty issues, please register your product online and send us an email at Sales@rlss.ca.
Where can I buy spare parts or replacement parts?
Contact distributors in your area, if they don't have stock we will assist them to provide best customer service as possible.
My Waveline pump stop working, what should I do?
The Waveline controller has an error feedback system. If the pump stop working and the controller is flashing at position 3, this means it's an impeller speed error. Two scenarios are possible, impeller spinning too fast or too slow. The impeller could spin too fast when the pump is out of water or if the pump draw too much air when it's used for a skimmer. To prevent this from happening we suggest to submerge pump at least 5 inches below the water line. The impeller could be spinning too slow due to foreign matter stuck in the impellor.
What is the optimum water level for a RLSS skimmer?
For our R5 and R6 series we recommend 6”, R8 and R10 we recommend 7”, R12 we recommend 8”
For our DB5 and DB6 series we recommend 6”, DB8 and DB10 we recommend 7”, DB12 we recommend 8”
Depending on the sump configuration the water level could be adjusted +/- 1”, but keep in mind that the deeper the water levels the higher chance of stray bubble escaping from the skimmer.